Burj Banca Takaful Plan and Simple BancaTakaful Plan - Burj Bank Ltd.

Burj Banca Takaful Plan and Simple BancaTakaful Plan are a Shari’a compliant alternative to conventional insurance, offering a unique combination of saving, investment and protection. Burj Banca Takaful Plan and Simple BancaTakaful Plan offers you peace of mind and takes care of the future of your loved ones by offering a savings plan and providing Takaful coverage in the event of death to your beneficiaries.

As an individual you have many dreams...

  • A college education for your child from a prestigious university
  • A dream wedding for your beloved daughter
  • Your spiritual journey to perform Hajj
  • A comfortable retired life with enough savings to take care of you and your loved ones
  • Any other financial objectives you may want to achieve

There's nothing better than the Burj Banca Takaful Plan and Simple BancaTakaful Plan to fulfill your dreams the Islamic Way! Based on your savings capacity, Burj Banca Takaful Plan and Simple BancaTakaful Plan offers you a range of investment options to suit your risk profile, with most flexible payment options.

Burj Banca Takaful Plan and Simple BancaTakaful Plan offers you all the flexibility you need, because we understand that each individual has unique needs.

  • Contributions can be paid monthly, quarterly, half yearly or yearly. You can start with a minimum monthly contribution of Rs.5000 only
  • Select the membership duration according to your specific objective in mind. The earlier you start the more benefits you will be able to reap. The minimum duration of the membership is 7 years. There is no maximum plan period as long as the age of the membership holder does not exceed 70 years upon maturity
  • You can choose an investment profile according to your risk appetite based on the Growth and/or Conservative strategies.That’s not all; you also have the freedom of switching between the investment strategies four times a year for free
  • Whenever you have excess funds available you can make a lump sum payment and increase the cash value
  • On the other hand if you find yourself in a tight situation you have the option to decrease the Regular Contribution amount anytime during the membership tenure.
  • You are also allowed partial withdrawals at any time before maturity.
  • In case you want to temporarily suspend regular contributions there is an option of a Contribution holiday (an interval) for up to 12 months
  • Freedom to appoint up to 4 beneficiaries (with an option to alter beneficiary(ies)throughout the term)

For the first time in Pakistan Pak-Qatar’s Saving & Takaful Plan gives you the convenience of getting your membership issued without the hassle of a mandatory medical examination. No customer will be declined, irrespective of his or her health condition. (The Takaful cover may vary based on the health evaluation). If you are 18 – 60 years of age just walk into your nearest Burj Bank and meet Relationship Managers or dial our UAN number. Our team will assist you in meeting your Takaful needs such as:

  • How much to invest/save
  • The term you should choose
  • Which plan will help you achieve your desired maturity amount
  • Which investment/savings mechanisms are best for you

Once you've made your decisions, the Relationship Manager at Bank will guide you in completing the remaining formalities in as short a time as possible.