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Pak-Qatar Takaful Group Announces Hajj Policy 

Pak-Qatar Takaful group announced "Hajj Policy" for its employees for the year 2016. The objective of the policy is to facilitate ONE employee for Hajj every year who has completed a specified period of service with the Group.

For the current year, the balloting took place at Head Office on 29-April-2016 and Mr. Naveed Ahmed (Banca Department) was declared the lucky winner.

When asked to share his feelings on winning the lucky draw for Hajj, Mr. Naveed stated, “I am fortunate to win the draw for Hajj and it is the result of my mother’s prayers for me. Moreover, I am thankful to the company and senior management for introducing such schemes to boast the moral of the employees and such kind of initiatives will indeed beef-up motivation amongst the employees.“