Health Takaful

Health Takaful brings peace of mind to the employees and to the employer itself by providing Islamic Health Takaful solutions which gives financial protection in case of any unfortunate illness leading you to hospital. It safeguards you by covering much of what you would be expected to pay should you need medical care, sparing you in most cases.

With the day by day increased cost of medical, Health Takaful gives you complete peace of mind by protecting you against financial consequences that may occur as a result of illness, disease or injury.

What does Health Takaful Covers?

The Health Takaful Scheme will pay up to the Limits and Sub-limits as more specifically stated in the PMD (Participant Membership Document) or Policy as a direct result of the Covered Participant suffering from accident, illness, or any other covered eventuality.

Covered Benefits are Hospital Care / Major Medical Care / Dread Disease or Critical Illness, Maternity Care, OPD and Specialized Investigations.

Note: Hospital Care is the basic and compulsory cover of this scheme.

What does Health Takaful Policy offers?

  • Hospital care
    This benefit covers hospitalization due to illness, disease, surgery or accident up to agreed available limits.
  • Major Medical Care
    Enhancement in the annual limit of in-patient expenses (except maternity related expense) for each covered person for all eligible hospitalization expenses covered under specified benefits structure.
  • Dread Diseases / Critical Illness Care
    It covers expenses for all medically necessary treatments specified in the policy.
  • Maternity Benefits
    Maternity Care (MC) benefit pays for medical expenses related to pregnancy and Child birth. All such expense are paid within this available limit and is separate from Hospitalization
  • Out Patient Treatment
    Pak-Qatar Health Takaful also offers out-patient benefit option to its clients who could be reimbursed by fulfilling necessary requirements and availability of original prescriptions and bills.

Additional Benefits

Terrorist cover The policy also covers hospitalization and surgical expenses of covered participant (not taking part in terrorist activities) who is injured due to an act of terrorism.

International cover The policy covers emergency hospitalization during (official) overseas travel of covered participant. However, the hospitalization expenses will be reimbursed in-line with the treatment cost incurred in Pakistan (Subject to the availability of the limit).

Complimentary cover for accidental injury The available hospitalization limit for each category is automatically increased up to 50 per cent in case of hospitalization due to an accidental injury (if covered in the PMD)

Value Added Services

Key components of Pak-Qatar General Takaful Health Care benefit suite of services are as follows:

  • Health Card, allows Covered individuals/dependents for on-time admission, reducing time for approvals
  • Relationship Management function for constant facilitation for pre and post sales servicing to our valued clients. This reduces the barriers for front and back end support for servicing the valued clients.
  • Customer Assistance to facilitate all your hospital queries
  • No restriction on the number of days for hospitalization in ICU/CCU.
  • Comprehensive Pre/Post Hospitalization (30 days before & after)
  • Coverage of accidental emergency treatment
  • Enhancement in Hospitalization Limit in case of an accidental hospitalization.
  • Fastest Claim settlement process.
  • No Pre-authorization required at the time of Emergency Medical Hospitalization.

Procedure for Hospitalization in Panel / Network Hospitals

There are two cases:

  1. Emergency Cases
    • Just present your Health Takaful Card to the hospital on our network
    • If anyone who is not carrying his/her Health Card at the time of emergency, please call our 24 hr Emergency Hotline numbers which is stated on the back side of your Health Card and also inform your HR Department
  2. Non-Emergency Cases (Elective / Planned Admissions)
    • Identify yourself as a Pak-Qatar insured to a consultant at our Network Hospital
    • An insured member needs to get the approval from Pak Qatar Takaful two working days in advance before getting the treatment done
    • Pre-Authorization form will be available at the reception counter or admission office of the Network Hospital

Procedure for Hospitalization in Non-Network Hospital

  •  You need to pay cash and then seek for re-imbursement and intimate us about the loss
  • You are responsible for collecting all the required documents and get the claim form signed by the treating Consultant
  • Fastest Claims Settlement process

Health Takaful Division – Pak-Qatar General Takaful Limited